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Welcome to our free virtual clinical environment that helps clinicians to become better at recognising the early CT signs of COVID-19.

This is available to every clinician, world-wide, free-of-charge and you access it simply by registering at the top of this page. 

Why is this important?

As has now been proven, early diagnosis of COVID-19 is essential for early patient treatment and isolation and lung CT scans have been shown to be the critical first tool for diagnosis of COVID-19.


The number of patients suffering from this life threatening illness is fast outpacing the numbers of skilled staff required to accurately diagnose the lung CT scans. In spite of all of the preventative measures being put in place, early detection of high risk cases remains critical to keep the mortality rate to a minimum.


Our tool will help existing staff to accurately diagnose cases faster and it will provide rapid training of additional staff to quickly acquire CT interpretation skills which are required as the number of patients escalates rapidly especially in the developing world.


DetectED-X - CovED is powerful educational solution which contains modules that will take between 1-2 hours to complete.

Our systems gain certification and CME points from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education in the US and elsewhere and have been validated for assessing clinical performance.

You are encouraged to use this free valuable service. Every clinician associated with the diagnosis of COVID-19 should do so.

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Our team of experts

CovED is truly an international collaboration of experts in the field including Professor Stuart Grieve from the University of Sydney, respiratory radiologist Dr Sam McCormack from Alfred Imaging Group, Dr Nigel Sommerfeld CEO of Lungscreen Australia, Dr Paul Smith, a consultant radiologist at Epworth, Dr Marcus McMahon, radiologist with Epworth HealthCare, and Professor Greg Fox, respiratory clinician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, along with our Italian partners, clinicians at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome Drs. Fabrizio and Cristofaro.


CovED follows on from the highly successful BREAST platform, created by the current team in 2010 at the University of Sydney and implemented across 4 continents.  In 2019 the Australian government commissioned our team to deliver a similar solution for diagnosing dust disease using HRCT, so we are in a unique position to rapidly deliver this platform. We are proud to make it available for free.


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COVID-19 Detection

DetectED-X Covid Detection

Thanks to our supporters in making CovED available globally


Prof Warwick Lee, Radiologist
Former State Radiologist, Breastscreen NSW

The educational radiologic software that is available through DetectED-X is helping clinicians find cancer more effectively and recognise normal images more confidently.

Prof Dianne Georgian-Smith, Radiologist,
Harvard Medical School

The mammographic test sets and software Professor Brennan and his team have made available through DetectED-X are invaluable to the ongoing education of radiologists and trainees.

Dr Maria Cova & Maura Tonutti, Radiologists
Italian Breast Screening Service

We have used Professor’s Brennan’s image evaluation software in Italy and the clinicians loved it.  It will impact positively on our practices.

Prof Charbel Saade
American University Of Beirut.

DetectED-X is impacting on radiologic practices world-wide.  Thank goodness for its educational tools!

Dr. Mohammad Rawashdeh
Jordan University Of Science And Technology

DetectED-X produces the best diagnostic educational tools globally. Its software is transforming radiologic efficacy for trained and trainee clinicians