A new educational approach to improving radiologists’ detection of cancer



DetectED X is a powerful, personalised, on-line radiology training and research tool that is available world-wide and has been successfully tested in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, US and Europe.​

  • Intelligent interactive platforms designed to improve the diagnostic efficacy of radiologists using clinically relevant cases.

  • Immediate reader feedback with scores in lesion sensitivity, specificity and receiver operating characteristic (ROC).

  • Personalised image files to instantly show correct decisions and any errors made.

  • De-identified data on performances stored centrally and available for quality assurance and research purposes.



Prof Warwick Lee, Radiologist
Former State Radiologist, Breastscreen NSW

The educational radiologic software that is available through DetectED-X is helping clinicians find cancer more effectively and recognise normal images more confidently.

Prof Dianne Georgian-Smith, Radiologist,
Harvard Medical School

The mammographic test sets and software Professor Brennan and his team have made available through DetectED-X are invaluable to the ongoing education of radiologists and trainees.

Dr Maria Cova & Maura Tonutti, Radiologists
Italian Breast Screening Service

We have used Professor’s Brennan’s image evaluation software in Italy and the clinicians loved it.  It will impact positively on our practices.

Prof Charbel Saade
American University Of Beirut.

DetectED-X is impacting on radiologic practices world-wide.  Thank goodness for its educational tools!

Dr. Mohammad Rawashdeh
Jordan University Of Science And Technology

DetectED-X produces the best diagnostic educational tools globally. Its software is transforming radiologic efficacy for trained and trainee clinicians