DetectED-X and Kuwait

On the 17th October 2019 a meeting was held between Professor Patrick Brennan CEO DetectED-X and Dr. Hanaa Al-Khawari Standing Commission Decision and Chairperson of the Implementation Committee of Kuwait National Mammography Screening Program. 

Breast cancer is one of the key health priorities for Kuwait.  It is the most common female malignancy in Kuwait accounting for 23% of all cancers and 50% of cancers among females. 

In recent decades, the incidence of breast cancer has tripled and it is now estimated that 23% of all women will experience the disease.  With an age standardised rate of 59 cases per 100,000 women, breast cancer incidence in Kuwait is one of the highest in the Middle Eastern region.  It was clear that the detection platform Rivelato created by DetectED-X would complement current teaching, research and quality assurance activities in Kuwait so that early detection of breast cancer is promoted.